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Avv. Daniela Girelli

Avv. Daniela Girelli

In 1989, she got Scientific High School diploma.

In 1995, she graduated in Law (Laurea in giurisprudenza) with honours at the University of Genoa with a doctoral thesis in Criminal Law entitled "The penal statute of the parliamentary committees of inquiry".

She practices as Lawyer and is a member of the Bar Association of Genoa since 2001.

In 1997, she started cooperating with Studio Legale Righetti.

She co-operated in the editing of the “Notiziario giuridico” supplement to the periodic Magazine “I numeri del Porto” of the Port Authority of La Spezia.

As a lecturer she held conferences organized by PERFORM (University of Genoa) in the matter of Privacy and Workplace Safety.

She is also qualified as Professional Mediator in civil and commercial disputes pursuant to Italian legislative decree no. 28/2010.

She teaches and handles professional training Courses in maritime/road/air Transport Law as well as in Maritime Insurance matters (H+M and cargo).

She is the legal advisor of FEDESPEDI, ANAMA, ALSEA, SPEDIPORTO and other national or local associations of freight forwarders, carriers, logistic operators, etc.

She is specialized in Maritime and Trasport law and handles on daily basis matters involving freight forwarders, MTO and logistic operators, maritime and transport insurers (H+M, cargo, freight forwarders’ or carriers’ liabilities), shipping accidents involving also yachts and pleasure crafts, litigation in civil and commercial cases. She also deals with credit recovery and medical liability disputes.

She is a partner of Studio Legale Righetti since 2004.

Languages: English.



Publications of Daniela Girelli

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